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On this blog I will post a bunch of work from my studies at DCE in the Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation


Japanese battleship Mikasa – Day 1 – Modeling

As a personal challenge I decided to model a famous pre-dreadnought class Japanese battleship Mikasa in 1:1 scale, and want to share the results of first day of modelling.


There are lots of things to be done. I haven’t finished the blocking pass yet, and currently lots of ship elements are represented by simple geometrical figures. There are also not much of details were made, except the ships bridge area. I want to add some more details to the bridge, and then I’ll work on turrets. Ship hull and superstructure details will be next.

And here are photos of real Mikasa. I want to try and model as many small details as possible.

PS: And for those who study Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation in Enmore  – yes, I use Terry model for scale purposes 🙂


Assessment 3: Animation Physics

For this assessment we were required to plan and animate a character. Our work will be based on concepts learnt in lectures and additional reference material gathered by us during the course of our studies.

There were several options from two complexity levels to chose like

Complexity level A:

1. Side step (left to right)

2. Jump over a gap or an object

3. Jump on OR off an object

Complexity level B:

1. Step forward and settle

2. Jump on AND off an object and settle

3. Turn 180 degrees

For my assessment I decided to animate Morpheus from my Personality Walk assessment . And the task is “Jump on OR off an object” from Complexity level A

The idea is that Morpheus was sitting on a rock or a box looking at surrounding area, and then decide to jump off the box. I used a mobile phone camera to make a reference video of myself for animation and then uploaded Morpheus to a Maya scene, made a box and stated to animate.

First two blocking passes were a bit raw, so I added additional movements to character final animation and used Auto Tangents.

I haven’t attached the reference video to this blog, but I uploaded all blocking and animation videos.

Blocking 1

Blocking 2


Assessment 2: Personality Walk

Assessment Brief. For this project students are required to plan and animate a walk with a personality of their choice. Your work will be based on concepts learnt in lectures and additional reference material gathered by you during the course of your studies. The animation will be processed in the following order starting with planning, blocking, animating and finally polishing. Week 6: Planning MorphyOpenV01 I decided to create a zombie walking cycle, using modified Morpheus character rig from 11 Seconds Club. I changed his skin colour to greenish-grey, clothing to blue, and hairs to dark brown. Then I changed his face by using only models facial rig, to make Morpheus look more scary. So Morpheus was transformed into a Zombius. zombie To make Zombius walking cycle more unique, I decided to give him some personality. The idea was that Zombius right leg and left arm were broken, so it was not that easy for him to walk.

The exciting thing about zombie walk cycle, is that each zombie have its own walking style because of various stages of decomposition. For the video reference, I filmed myself on a camera, but I decided not to upload this video to my blog. thumb On this thumbnail, you can see all key poses of Zombius. The difficult part of this walk cycle is that, because his right leg is broken, the contact, passing, up and down positions will be completely different for his left and right leg. Not only his right leg is shuffling, the Zombius left arm is also broken. Also there is a considerable difference in timing for right and left leg. Week 7: First pass of Blocking

Week 8: Second pass of Blocking

Week 9: First pass of Animation

Week 10: Final pass of Animation

After I finished the animation, I decided to re-use the sky I made for my Tear1 pre-viz, to make a graveyard environment for Zombius. I added some lights and made some tombstones.

Sources: Morpheus rig was downloaded from 11 Seconds Club Zombie walk videos was taken from Carlo Fornasari Youtube account.